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Adams' Corps of Royalists
Adams' Coy.

Muster Roll of Captain Samuel ADAMSís Company Raised by Order of Genl. BURGOYNE the 9th August 1777 for the Purpose of Rangers-

Busherville 23d January 1778.

Captain Samuel ADAMS  9 Augt. 1777
Lieutenant Simpson JENNE 11 Octr. 1777
Ensign Gideon ADAMS   9 Augt. 1777
Sgt Burjus HALL      do
Sgt William SUTTON 10 Octr. 1777
          Not under Convention
John CRATON   1 Sept. 1777
David BAVERLEY   9 Augt. 1777
Tymothy HILL 20 do
Benajah BENADICT      do
Jacob CLINE   9 do
Joseph AVERY      do
James JOHNSON      do
William FRASER      do
George BOILS      do
Price BEARDSLEE      do
Moses VEAL 20 do
Aaron BULL      do
Robard DUGLISS      doOn Party
Pheneas MUN 29 do do
          Under Convention
Thomas GREEN 20 Augt. 1777
Joshua BOSTWICK      do
William Samuel ADAMS      do
Joel ADAMS      do
Daley SILLICK      do
David WILLIAMS      do
Benjamin EASTMAN      do
Phineas GOODNUFF 10 Octr. 1777 On Party
John READ 20 Augt. 1777 Sick
Joseph ROBARDSON      do
Benjamin BETTS      do
Selah STILES      do
Samuel BUCK      do
John BLOOD      do
William ROBERSON      doSick
William ROBBINS      do
William WILLISTON      do

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21827, folio 14.

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