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Other Facts/Records
King's Birthday, 1780

On the Celebration of His Majesty’s Birth-Day at BROOKLYN.

Mr. Rivington,


I CROSSED the water on Monday evening, but before I arrived at the landing place, my eyes were attracted with illuminations which bespoke pleasure and sincerity. A pyramid of lamps from the foundation to the top of the flagstaff, distinguished the house of CHARLES LOOSELY, wearing a brilliant aspect till within a few hours of day break. At nine o’clock, a multitude of people were gratified with a scene very rare in this country; a succession of fire-works was displayed as near as I can recollect in the following order.

   A signal rocket, which was honoured with one of approbation from the battery in York.

   G.R. with a crown imperial, illumin[at]ed and finished with a globe of fire burning a considerable time;- a royal salute by maroons succeeded by seven sky rockets;- vertical wheel well executed, followed by sky rockets;- a spiral wheel and sky rockets;- a fountain of brilliant fire, with a swarm box, concluded this exhibition, which indeed was commendable through the whole progression. The intervals of this performance were supplied with martial music and loud acclamation. The village was in transports of joy and illuminated, and York must confess she never beheld the shores of Brooklyn so much dignified:— Contented with what I had seen, I repaired to the abode of Loyalty for refreshment, where, for a considerable time I was again amused with a repetition of fire-works, consisting of serpents, crackers, small wheels, &c. The numerous spectators continuing their exultations by repeated huzzas and shouts of LONG LIVE THE KING.

   The manifestations of the evening led me to enquire into the gratifications of the day, which I found had been celebrated with no less ardour and propriety:- The officers of the LXXVI Regiment, with many military gentlemen of distinction, dined at Mr. Loosely’s, and after partaking of an entertainment perfectly elegant, confessed their principles by various toasts truly loyal, occasional and sentimental. The animating song was not neglected, and I assure you, Mr. Rivington, if you will admit these observations in your paper, I will indulge you with an original versification, which was sung upon the occasion.


The Royal Gazette (New York,) June 10, 1780.

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