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Music & Poetry
A Loyal Song

The following SONG was composed by a loyal subject, for the 4th day of June, 1777.

Tune,---Rule, Britannia.

BLEST cause of genial life, arise,
Illume the winds, unbounded skies;
Propitious smile, and chear the morn,
This day illustrious GEORGE was born.

CHORUS:-    Rule, Great GEORGE! thy injur'd rights regain,
                       And Britannia's glory long maintain,
                       Hail! happy day, Oh glorious period come,
                       When Traitors meet their final doom.

Britannia on triumphant ear,
Hails her intrepid sons of war;
Suspend, this day, the glorious strife,
Which gave my darling Monarch life.
Hark! Freedom from her parent isles,
Demands a respite from our toils;
She bids obedient sons be gay,
And own her Guardian's natal day.
Commerce and Arts exalt, their plume,
The brow of culture joys assume;
The sorrow'd heart meets sweet allay,
On their Protector's natal day.
Sure bulwark of the best of Kings,
See Loyalty extend her wings;
Embody'd legions catch the flame,
And sing aloud their Monarch's fame.
Fame, with thy trump, on high proclaim,
His worth, his virtues, and his name;
Ne'er ceasing, sound from shore to shore,
'Till Time and Kingdoms are no more.


The Royal American Gazette, (New York), June 5th, 1777.

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