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British Legion
Catawba Ford Battlefield

The photographs below of the Catawba Ford (Fishing Creek), South Carolina battlefield were donated for our use by Ron Stevenson of Monroe, N.C.

He writes:

On the night of August 18, 1780, General Sumter and his men were camped on a knoll which was located on a strip of land between Fishing Creek, on its West and the Carawba River, on its East, just north of the point where Fishing Creek flows into the Catawba River. Many were sleeping, some eating, and others resting.

Suddenly and without warning, Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton and part of his British Legion came out of the dark, and in a daring attack, completely routed and scattered General Sumter and his group of patriots.

Gen. Sumter escaped and later regrouped his band of patriots, but many of his men now lay dead on the knoll near Fishing Creek, and others were now unfortunate prisoners of Tarleton and his Legion.

Eleven miles upstream from this battlefield lies Landsford, an area rich in history.

It was a favorite meeting place for many of the patriot soldiers, such as Gen. Sumter and Davies Cavalry, of which future president, Andrew Jackson, was a 13 year old messenger. Lord Cornwallis also used this Ford to cross the Catawba River on his way to Winnsboro, SC.

The battlefield is now located on private property, alongside US-21. The site can be reached by taking US-21 south from its intersection with SC-9, located at Fort Lawn, SC, approximately 4 and 1/2 miles. Markers will be on your left.

From Lancaster, SC, take SR-200 South, approximately 11 miles. Just across the bridge at the Catawba River, SR-200 intersects with US-21. Turn right (North) for approximately 2 and 3/4 miles. Markers are on right.

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Highway Marker

Highway Marker.

Battlefield Marker

Battlefield Marker.

Battlefield facing North

Battlefield facing North.

Catawba River

Catawba River.

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