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West Florida Provincials
Contingencies & Disbursements

The Crown


For the following Sums paid by me, being Sundry Contingencies and Disbursements attending the raising and marching of a Provincial Regiment, Volunteers, and others under my Command on an Expedition against the Rebels from Mobille to Natchez, Manchac, and back, between 18 March and 20th November 1778.

  1 To Cash paid Negroes for grinding Corn       43.    6.
  2 “    ditto paid William BAY for Ditto       16.    4.
  3 “    ditto paid William SWANSON for Oakum, pitch, Tar &c for the use of the Battoes       30.    3.
  4 “    ditto paid Wm. SEVERSON Ship Carpenter for repairing Boats, Battoes and Canoes         9.
  5 “    Ditto paid John MORRIS for Ditto       18.
  6 “    Ditto paid James NICHOLSON for hire of a Canoe         6.    6.
  7 “    Ditto paid Daniel HICKEY, the hire of a Store for the provisions when at Manshac       10.
  8 “    Ditto paid John BLOMMART for a Canoe to serve as a Scout Boat       50.
  9 “    Ditto paid Daniel PERRY for going Express from the Natchez to Manshac       13.
10 “    Ditto paid Chas. SMITH for cleaning & repairing Small Arms         7.
11 “    Ditto paid 110 lb brown Sugar for the Hospital       18.    2½
12 “    Ditto paid Thos. BASSET for Sundries furnished by him to a party of Troops going from Tombigbey River to ye Natchez     117.    1.
13 “    Ditto paid John BLOMMART for the hire of a Barge, Canoes &c for transporting Troops, Provisions & Baggage from Natchez to Manshac, repairing Boats & Canoes, finding pitch, Tallow, Oakum & Nails Ps. 207.    3.  Deduct Όth charged to Col. Stuart 51.    8.     175.    5.
14 “    Ditto Paid William SWANSON for 25 Days hire of two Negroes grinding Corn & cleaning Boats       25.
To Cash paid by William POUNTNEY for grinding Corn for the Troops       11.
For 5 Gallons Rum for the Inhabitants at a General Muster at Natchez       15.
“    105 Gallons Rum for the Troops when at Manshac     105.
6 Steel Corn Mills for the Troops at 14 Ps. ea.       84.
“    61 Yds Oznabrigs & 1 lb thread for Awnings for the Boats       20.    2½
To 3 Extra hands Assisting to Row the Boats         9.
“    56 Gallons Taffia for the Men that were sent at sundry times to save the Stores of the late Armed Sloop Catharine, & an Awning for the Battoe       98.    1.
“    13 Gallons Taffia for the Men rowing from Manshac to Natchez       13.
To 4½ Gallons Jamaica Rum for Ditto         6.    6.
For hire of 2 Horses going Express to the Amit         2.
To 8 Gallons Jamaica Rum for the Troops at Natchez       24.
For hire of Two Negroes employed in cleaning Battoes & Rowing from Natchez to Manshac       12.    4.
For 6 Iron kettles for the Troops wt. 144 lb       14.    3½
3 Corn Sifters         0.    6.
For 83 Gallons Rum for the Troops when at Manshac       83.
For the Pay of a Serjeant Major to the Regiment from 23rd June to 24th October 124 [days] at 2/ Stg P Diem       53.    1.
To Christopher NELSON for a Barge       57.
To NELSON & McLINDON for 68Ό lb Brass kettles       41.
For 41 Head of Horses purchased for carrying the Troops their Baggage & Provisions from the River Tombigbey to the Natchez   1044.    4Ό
For the Hire of 20 Baggage Horses for Ditto to Natchez & back     170.
For the Pay of Joseph DAWS attending to take Care of & hunt up the Kings Horses 215 Days at 4r     107.    4.
For 472 Yds Crocus for Tents & bags, twine, thread Needles &c       93.    4.
For 16½ Gallons Rum & 6 Kegs for the Troops       25.    1.
1 Deep Sea Line for Lashing         2.    4.
14½ lb Leather Thongs for ditto         8.    6½
41 lb Deer Skins for Coverings       15.    3.
To 21 Pack Saddles & Wanties       63.
“    Carriage of 5 Loads Ammunition from Mobile       21.    5.
“    21 lb Powder & 50 lb Ball for Tombigbey Soldiers       16.
“    12 doz. Flints         4.
To Cash paid Sundry Expresses including Horse hire     106.    7.
To the Rent of a House for quartering the Troops while at Manshack       24.
To Stationary         4.    6.
To the Salary of a Clerk from 1st April to the 20th of November, 234 Days a[t] 1 Dollr. P Diem     234.
                                                                Dollars   3150.    0Ό
                                           At 4/8 each is Sterling £  735.    0.    1½

I do Certify upon Honour that the exact Sums stated in the foregoing Accounts, have been paid for the Purposes therein mentioned, according to the best of my knowledge and belief. Pensacola 20th November 1778.

Lt. Colonel

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 1, Volume 540, folios 82-83.

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