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South Carolina Royalists
Robinson to Friends

Letter of Lieut. Colonel Joeph ROBINSON, to his Friends, in the Frontiers of the Province of South Carolina-


After a long Series of Fatigues, after many personal sufferings, I am so happy as to return to South Carolina, once more;

it gives me real pleasure to find, that notwithstanding all the Vicissitudes, all the exertions of Cruelty, and all the institutions jesuitically calculated to alienate the minds of the people from their Duty to their Sovereign, so many good men are still to be found in this Province.

Your handsome Appearance in favor of Government, altho at a time, when nothing more than an appearance was in your power, does you very great honor.

As to the Regiment of South Carolina Royalists with whom I had the honor to share the fatigues of Service, no men could possibly behave with greater Courage or more steady perseverance; moreover, they are unlearned to retreat; what engagement, what Attack were they ever in, that they left the ground, or had not the honor to bury the Enemy’s Dead?

For me to expatiate upon the calamities of this unhappy War; for me to point out the particulars of your suffering and the rascalities of some assuming individuals, at this moment would avail us nothing, it would only revive unpleasant remembrance and challenge disagreeable Sensations!

I beg leave to congratulate you upon the pleasing prospect of a reistablishment of civil Government, with the full enjoyment of all those Rights and Privileges which formerly so much conduced to your happiness & prosperity; Gentlemen, that you are now fully able from experience, to discriminate the great difference between a regular system of Government, & that of a rebellious anarchy, does not cost me a moments hesitation.

Go on, procced, be steady in your principles, the time is at hand when Peace, Prosperity, and tranquility will amply crown your virtuous behaviour: When the horrid Alarms of War will be no more; when you will cultivate your Lands, and sit with rural pleasure under the Shade of your own Vine, nor be afraid of being dragged out to arms and ravished from all your darling family cares, by the sanguine Youth, who delights in the Plume & Cockade; whose mouth is filled with a set of broken borrowed Arguments touching British Cruelty, Slavery, being born in the Country, fighting until death &c &c.

I am rationally to suppose, that the Body of the people will never sacrifice their own Judgement and Happiness, to satisfy a few illigitimate leaders of insatiable Ambition, who by no means every consulted the happiness or Welfare of the People at large.

Gentlemen, I rejoice to have the Opportunity of returning you my cordial thanks for the honor you did me, on a former Occasion, which I hope you will be pleased to accept: And wish that everything salutary & prosperous may await you.


Charles Town
June 27: 1780

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/2842.

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