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Prince of Wales' American Regiment
Browne & Officers' Memorial

To His Excellency Sr Guy CARLETON Knight of the most Hble order
of the Bath, General and Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's
Forces in North America &c &c &c

The Memorial of Brigadier General BROWNE, and the Officers of the Prince of Wales American Regiment,

Most Respectfully Sheweth,

That Altho' they rejoyce at the Late Establishment of sundry Provincial Regiments, Yet they feel themselves impressed with the Utmost anxietty, and Distress, to find the Regiment, in which they have had the honor to Serve since the begining of the War, has not as yet been Considered; They are fearfull that their Services, and those of the Regiment, have not been as yet properly represented;-

They Wish therefore your Excellency will Indulge them to give you a Simple Narrative of facts, relative to them and the Corps which will enable your Excellency to Judge how far their anxietty is Justifable;

Memorialists beg Leave to inform your Excellency, that the Prince of Wales American Regiment, was raised by Virtue of a Warrant from Sr William HOWE to Brigr General BROWNE bearing date 25th October 76, and in April 77, was returned 30 Serjeants, 10 Drums & 520 Rank & File, as will appear by the Inclosed return No 1, and after, was Compleated to the full Establishment, as will also Appear by the Certificate No 2 from the Muster Master General of Provincial Forces.

Since which time the Officers have with the utmost Chearfullness, Contributed in every degree to keep the Regiment on the most Respectable footing, having Inlisted exclusive of the above Number, 204 men as by return No 3. For which they Generously paid, exclusive of the Kings bounty from 3 to 5 Guineas & Upwards, for the greatest part thereof, Including 50 men that were Recruited at Charles Town from the Volunteers of Ireland.

With Regard to the Services of the Regiment, Memorialists beg your Excellency's Permission to inform you that as early as April 1777 the Regiment was ordered under the Command of Major General TRYON, on the Danburry expedition, for their behaviour whilst on that Service, and afterwards in the Province of New York, Rhode Island &c &c they beg Leave to refer your Excellency to General TRYON's Letter to Lord AMHERST No 4.

In March 1780 the Regiment Embarked for So Carolina, and assisted at ye Reduction of Charles Town and during the time the Regiment was in that Province, was Constantly employed on the most active Service in the Interior part of the Country, where they Lost a Considerable Number of Officers and Men.

These Sr are the facts your memorialists have taken the Liberty to lay before your Excellency, and Supported by the Inclosed Testimonials.

They Humbly Conceive that when they are made Manifest will Entitle them to His Majesty's Attention, Especially if Memorialists can be so fortunate as to Obtain Your Excellency's Aprobation and recomendation for that Establishment they so Ardently wish and Pray, and Memorialists as in Duty bound &c &c

Montfort BROWNE Br. Genl
and Col: Pr: Wals's American Regt
Gab D'VEBER Lt Coll
Comg Pr: Wa Am Regt    in behalf of himself
and the Officers

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/557602.

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