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Loyal Newport Associators
Arms & Accoutrements

Newport Rhode Island 24th July 1779

Return of Arms and Accoutrements Received from the Loyal Asociated inhabitance of this place.

Date By Whome Delivered
3d June 1779 From Capt. John MODSLEY
     21 Musquets, 21 Ramrods, 21 Bayonets, 21 Scabbards, 21 Cartridge Boxes, 21 Belts, 21 Frogs, 19 Slings.
4th June 1779 From Capt. DURFEE
     20 Musquets, 20 Ramrods, 20 Bayonets, 19 Scabbards, 20 Cartridge Boxes, 20 Belts, 19 Frogs, 19 Slings.
7th June 1779 From Capt. William WANTON
     26 Musquets, 26 Ramrods, 24 Bayonets, 24 Scabbards, 25 Cartridge Boxes, 24 Belts, 23 Frogs, 23 Slings.
8th June 1779 From Lieut. Gillis STANTON
     38 Musquets, 38 Ramrods, 37 Bayonets, 37 Scabbards, 38 Cartridge Boxes, 38 Belts, 37 Frogs, 35 Slings.
     105 Musquets, 105 Ramrods, 102 Bayonets, 101 Scabbards, 104 Cartridge Boxes, 103 Belts, 100 Frogs, 96 Slings.

Jonathon BARNES

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Wray Papers, Volume 3.

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