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King's American Rangers
Bessonett to Haldimand

Quebeck Septr. 24th 1779

May it Please your Excellency

   About the first of May last, I Received an Order from Capt. Henry Rooke Dpy. Inspr. Genl. Intimateing that he had something to Communicate to me. Accordingly I waited upon him. He told me I was Provided for in a Core to be raised by Lieut: Coln. Robert Rogers, by the Order of Sr. Henry Clinton. Some time after I was called upon to Receive three Months full Pay, which I accordingly did, it being my subsistence up to the Twenty Fourth of July Last, which I gave my Receipt for; after some Days I saw an order in Lieut. Coln. Robert Rogers Orderly Book, Intimateing that the Officers under his Command, were not to draw Pay untill they Rais’d a certain number of Men, That is Each Captn. Sixteen a Lieut. Eight and an Ensign six, Then the Capt. to receive Five Shillings pr. day and the Subalterns in Proportion, and their Pay Encreasing in Proportion untill their Companys are Compleat. Dissatisfied in seeing an Order of such a nature, waited upon My Lord Rawdon personally. He told me he look’d upon it not the Intention of the Commander in Chief to cut us off from our Subsistance; But thought it the Only Method he Could think of to Put us on a footing that we might receive pay after the present Rebellion. Afterwards Intimateing the Matter to Lieut. Coln. Robert Rogers he told me that their would be know dificulty in Raising the Men, that he had Given his word and Honour to the Commander in Chief to provide for Me and the other Gentlemen Seconded Officers to the number of Fifteen. He farther told me it required our attention to Embark, Immediately, as their were A number of Men waiting for our Arival to take the Command of them As He was under apprehentions they would be Squander’d, If there was not propper Officers to take Care of them. I agreable to Lieut. Coln. Robt. Rogers orders Embark’d and Sailed for this place in the Brigantn. Hawke Captn. Slaitor Commander, Under the Command of Majr. James Rogers whome we Supposed had such Instructions as was necessary for our subsistence, and an Encouragement to Carry the Plan into Execution that we were going upon; After ariving here finding know means of Drawing My subsistence think it necessary to acquaint your Excellency of My Situation; Unless I am Enabled, It is out of my Power to do any service for Government, which is my Desire; Hope to have your Excellencies Permission to return to New York by the First opportunity and your Excellency will Oblige your Most Obedient Huml. Servt.

Danl. Bessonett Capt.

[Lt. Gen. Frederick Haldimand]

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21820, folios 17-18.

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