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Royal Garrison Battalion
Sketch of an Establishment

A Sketch of an Establishment for a Garrison Battalion to be form’d from the Invalid’d Men of this Army,Vizt.

That there shall be     1 Lieut. Coll. Commandant
    5 Captns., including a Capt. Lieut.
  11 Lieutenants
    6 Ensigns
    2 Adjutants
    2 Quarter Masters
    1 Chaplain
    1 Surgeon
    2 Mates
  24 Serjeants
  24 Corporals
  12 Drummers
576 Privates, exclusive of
  4 Contingt. Men P. Compy.

The whole to be divided into Six Companies; each consisting of 1 Captn., 2 Lieuts., 1 Ensn., 4 Serjts., 4 Corpls., 2 Drummers, & 96 Privates, besides the above mention’d Staff Officers-

The Principal advantages that seem to arise from the Establishing of this Corps are as follows-

In the first instance, The turning those Men to any useful purpose in America in place of sending them home with recommendations to the Chelsea Board will be a very considerable saving to that fund-

And the unavoidable expence of annually sending home such Men will likewise be sav’d, as well as the expence of sending out equal numbers to replace them.-

It is evident that the expence of Recruiting 600 Men, will likewise be saved, for although those Men may be totally unfit for the fatigue of a Campaign, they are nevertheless, better calculated for the duty of a Garrison, or the defence of an Island or Fort than an equal number of Recruits sent from Europe, and as the number of Invalids annually from the British and Provincial Corps of this Army will be more than for any Service, another Company or two may hereafter be added.

The worne out Men ought to be sent home by the earliest oppurtunity’s that offer, with a Discharge, and a recommendation to Chelsea, sign’d by the commandant or Major of that Battn. or in their absence by the Adjutant General.

The Officers for this Corps should perhaps be Compos’d of such as are worne out, or disabled & of long Service, taken from the Regimts. of the Line, & as such, be insur’d of a continuation of full or half pay for life, in case it should be hereafter found necessary to dissolve the Corps; especially as their chance of Promotion in this line of Service must be but very small indeed.

This Corps to be Cloath’d & Pay’d as a Provincial Battn. until His Majesty shall be pleas’d to signify, upon what Establishment they are to be placed.-

The probability of this Battns. being divided in different Garrisons, perhaps on different Islands, points out the necessity of an additional Adjutant, Quarter Master & Mate.

October 1779 [1778?]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Mackenzie Papers.

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