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Georgia Light Dragoons
Order in Council

Council Chamber, 1st May 1781.

WHEREAS the Rebels have lately made incursions into the back parts of this province, and murdered upwards of fifty of his Majesty's loyal subjects, with circumstances of the greatest barbarity, at the same time declaring they would kill every Loyalist that fell into their hands;

AND WHEREAS it is now become necessary for the King's loyal subjects here to unite in a body for their own defence, his Excellency the Governor therefore (with the advice of his Majesty's Honourable Council) hath determined to raise a Corps of Horse, to consist of such only as shall be approved of:

To that end, it is desired that all those who are willing to serve in such Corps do leave their names and places of abode at the Secretary's Office.

The said Corps is to continue until his Majesty's pleasure is known, and will be embodied on the following terms, viz.

Every Officer and Private is to provide such a horse as on inspection shall be judged sufficient for the service, and also a suit of regimentals, made of good materials, and in the form of the British Light Horse; but the arms and accoutrements will be provided at the expence of Government:

And in consideration of such service, and also for the providing such horse and regimentals, each person that may inlist into the said Corps shall receive the following pay, according to his rank; that is to say, each Serjeant, 1s. 6d. per day; each Corporal, 1s. 3d. ditto; and each Private, 1s. ditto; besides which each man so inlisted shall receive 1s. per day for subsistence.

By his Excellency's Order in Council,


The Royal Georgia Gazette, (Savannah), May 3rd, 1781.

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