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Emmerick's Chasseurs
Emmerich's Memorial


To His Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON K.B.
Lt General & Commander in chief &c &c &c

The Memorial of Andreas EMMERICH Lt Colonel Humbly Sheweth-

That Your Excellency's Memorialist in raising the Corps of Chasseurs & since has incurr'd Expences amounting to upwards of Two Thousand five Hundred Guineas, for which he is indebted to his Friends who have from time to time advanced him considerable Sums.

In this Debt is comprehended-

1st   Disbursments for secret Service from the Year 1777 untill now, which Account was by order of My Lord RAWDON transmitted to Cap’t SMITH Your Excellency's Secret’y on the 22nd September 1778.

(2ndly)   Paying for every Draughted Man Three Guineas.

(3rdly)   While Two Years at an out post during which time much Expences incurr'd by Rebel Flag's &c.

(4thly)   Raising Recruits to whom Your Memorialist gave extraordinary Bounties in hopes of having a Corps composed of choice Men to be depended on, And this was done without the least assistance from every Officer in it.

(5thly)   Expresses sent up the Country for the purpose of bringing in BURGOYNE's Men.

(6thly)   Keeping a person employ'd writing Passes & other things needfull.

Your Excellency having been pleased to order the Corps of Chasseurs to be broke on Account of the misbehaviour of several Officers in it Your Memorialist has the misfortune to see himself reduced to a State of inactivity without any present prospect or probability of being Employed, Prays You will take his Case into Consideration & order him Payment that He may be relieved from his Embarrassment, that with Your Excell’ys approbation & entire Satisfaction He may then resign his Pay as Lt Col’o & go home-

when perhaps he may thro' the assistance of his Friends in England be enabled to raise a Corps in Germany for the British Service, or else that he may be here replaced in a Sphere of Action under Your Excellency's command to see a period put to the Rebelion in America or that untill Your Excellency shall find better occasion He may have Your Leave to stay with Major General MATTHEW comformable to that Gentleman's repeated invitation, or as to Your Excellency may seem meet, and Your Memorialist shall ever Pray &c

(sign’d)   A EMMERICH

New York December 7th 1779

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 74, item 10.

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