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Music & Poetry
A St. Patrick's Day Song

New–York, March 18 [1780].

The Anniversary of Saint Patrick was yesterday celebrated with the wonted conviviality.

In the morning a most elegant breakfast and ball were given at Mr. HICK’s by the Members of the amiable Society of Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick to all the Officers of the Army and Navy and the Gentlemen of the City. In the afternoon many entertainments were likewise given, and the night closed with all the real jocundity which ever distinguished that brave & generous nation, Great Britain’s beloved Sister.

Yesterday, (in Honour of the Anniversary of ST. PATRICK, tutelar Saint of that Kingdom) the Regiment of VOLUNTEERS of IRELAND, quartered on Jamaica, (Long–Island) were munificently entertained by their Colonel, the Right Honourable Lord RAWDON.

Sung Yesterday at Jamaica before the Volunteers of
Ireland, it being St. Patrick’s Day.
Piper to that Regiment.

SUCCESS to the shamrogue, and all those who wear it,
Be honour their portion wherever they go,
May riches attend them, and store of good claret,
For how to employ them sure none better know;
Every foe surveys them with terror,
But every silk petticoat wishes them nearer,
So Yankee keep off, or you’ll soon learn your error,
For Paddy shall prostrate lay ev’ry foe.

This day, (but the year I can’t rightly determine)
St. Patrick the vipers did chase from this land,
Let’s see if like him we can’t sweep off the vermin
Who dare ‘gainst the sons of the shamrogue to stand;
Hand in hand! let’s carrol this chorus,
   “As long as the blessings of Ireland hang o’er us,
   “The crest of rebellion shall tremble before us,
   “Like brothers while thus we march hand in hand!”

St. George & St. Patrick, St. Andrew, St. David,
Together may laugh at all Europe in arms,
Fair conquest her standard has o’er their heads waved
And glory has on them conferr’d all her charms!
War’s alarms! to us are a pleasure,
Since honour our danger repays in full measure,
And all those who join us shall find we have leisure,
To think of our sport ev’n in war’s alarms!

The Royal Gazette, (New York), March 18, 1780.

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