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Music & Poetry
Cow Chace, Canto I

[by John Andre´, Adjutant General of the British Army in America]

Canto I

To drive the Kine one summer's morn,
   The Tanner took his way,
The Calf shall rue that is unborn
   The jumbling of that day.
And Wayne descending Steers shall know,
   And tauntingly deride,
And call to mind in ev'ry Low
   The tanning of his hide.
Yet Bergen Cows still ruminate
   Unconscious in the stall,
What mighty means were used to get
   And lose them after all.
For many Heroes bold and brave
   From New-Bridge and Tapaan
And those that drink Passaick's wave,
   And those that eat Soupaan.
And Sons of distant Delaware
   And still remoter Shannon,
And Major Lee with Horses rare
   And Proctor with his cannon.
All wond'rous proud in arms they came
   What Hero could refuse?
To tread the rugged path to fame
   Who had a pair of shoes.
At six the Host with sweating buff,
   Arriv'd at Freedom's Pole,
When Wayne who thought he'd time enough
   Thus speechified the whole.
O ye whom glory doth unite
   Who freedom's cause espouse,
Whether the wing that's doom'd to fight
   Or that to drive the Cows.
Ere yet you tempt your further way
   Or into action come,
Hear Soldiers what I have to say
   And take a pint of Rum.
Intemp'rate valour then will string,
   Each nervous arm the better
So all the land shall I O sing
   And read the General's letter.
Know that some paltry Refugees
   Whom I've a mind to fight,
Are playing H[ell] amongst the trees,
   That grow on yonder height.
Their Fort and Block Houses we'll level,
   And deal a horrid slaughter,
We'll drive the Scoundrels to the Devil
   And ravish wife and daughter.
I under cover of th' attack
   Whilst you are all at blows,
From English Neighb'rood and Tinack
   Will drive away the Cows.
For well you know the latter is
   The serious operation
And fighting with the Refugees
   Is only demonstration.
His daring words from all the crowd
   Such great applause did gain
That every man declar'd aloud
   For serious work with Wayne.
Then from the cask of Rum once more
   They took a heady jill,
When one and all they loudly swore
   They'd fight upon the Hill.
But here--the Muse has not a strain
   Befitting such great deeds,
Huzza they cried, huzza for Wayne
   And shouting--did their Needs.

End of Canto the 1st.

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The Royal Gazette, (New York), August 16th, 1780.

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