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Volunteers of Ireland

Officers in the Volunteers of Ireland

Lieutenant Colonel Wilbore Ellis DOYLE- Captain Lieut. in the 55th Regt. which Commission he resigned without any pecuniary Consideration.
Major John DESPARD- Captain in the English Fusileers
John CAMPBELL- Lieutenant 44th Regiment
John DOYLE- Resigned a Lieutenancy in the 40th without any pecuniary Consideration.
James KING- Three Years Ensign in the 57th Regiment. Afterwards a Lieut. in the Queen's Rangers, where his Behaviour strongly pointed him out for Promotion.
William BARRY- Having been presented to Sir Henry CLINTON at Boston, he resigned a Lieutenancy in the Prussian Service, upon His Excellency being appointed Commr. in Chief, and came over to America. Behaved with great Attention as Lieut. in this Regt.
3 Companies vacant.
Captain Lieutenant David DALTON- 3 Years Ensign in the 55th. Purchased a Lieutenancy, and his Bills being protested thro' the failure of a Banker was obliged to sell out behaved well as Lieut. in this Regt. to which Step he was first appointed.
Charles VALLANCEY- Ensign in the 16th Regiment.
Charles BINGHAM- Resigned his Ensigncy in the 35th Regt. without any Pecuniary Consideration.
Edward FITZGERALD- Ensign 26th Regiment.
James MOFFAT- Ensign in DeLanceys 3d Battalion.
Thomas PROCTOR- Ensign in Governor Legge's Volunteers.
Samuel BRADSTREET- Ensign in the Queens Rangers.
Thomas GILLESPIE- Volunteer in the 7th Regiment.
Harmon BLACK- Cadet in the Royal Artillery.
One Vacant-
John JEWELL- Serjt. Major in the 1st Regiment, Afterwards in the Adjutant General's Office in this Country.
John STEWART- Quarter Master Serjt. to the 35th Regiment.
Thomas WILSON- Midshipman strongly recommended by Commodore ELLIOTT.
Thomas FLYN- Volunteer in the Light Infantry.
Edward GILBOURNE- Ensign in the Prince of Wales' American Volunteers.
John WHITLEY- Serjeant in the Fuzileers.
Joseph THOMPSON- Volunteer well recommended.
John CUNNINGHAM- Lieut. in Carolina under governor MARTIN.
Thomas SARGENT- Volunteer in the Light Infantry.
Adjutant John JEWELL-
Quarter Master John STEWART
Surgeon George ARMSTRONG- Hospital Mate
Surgeon's Mate John HILL- Acted as Mate to the 27th Regt. during one Campaign whilst the proper mate was absent.

   Having recommended those Officers at different Times to your Excellency for the Ranks they now hold, I must take this Opportunity of repeating that I have ever impartially pointed out to your Excellency such Men Men [sic] as I thought would forward His Majesty's Service by attending seriously to the Disciplilne of the Corps. Whether or not I have erred in my Judgment upon them; the present State of the Regt. must decide.

(Signed)  RAWDON
Colonel Volunteers of Ireland

To His Excellency
the Commander in Chief
New York

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 44, item 8.

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