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Volunteers of Ireland
Captain Barry's Memorial

To His Excellency Sir Henry Clinton, Knight
of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath,
General and Commander in Chief of His
Majesty's Forces in North America &ca &ca &ca

The Memorial of Captain William BARRY of the Volunteers of Ireland

Most Respectfully Sheweth

That the Right Honorable Lord RAWDON some Time in the Month of April last proposed to Memorialist in Lieut. Col. DOYLE's Quarters in Jamaica on Long Island to dispose of his Commission for which he would get him the Sum of Five Hundred Guineas.

That Lieutenant Charles BINGHAM of said Regiment who was to become the Purchaser and recommended as Memorialist is informed to Your Excellency to succeed Memorialist and who is now in this City, has never paid one Shilling of said Sum.

That therefore Memorialist most Respectfully prays Your Excellency will be pleased to order that he may be paid said Sum in Pursuance of the Agreement aforesaid or be at Liberty to dispose of his said Commission to such other Gentleman as Your Excellency shall think proper, or that Memorialist may reassume the Command of his said Company, though Memorialist is certain form the former Behaviour of Lieutenant Col. DOYLE he would not be permitted to enjoy the Happiness in said Regiment that he might have otherwise expected.

The Memorialist shall only farther add that Nothing but the bad Treatment he received from Messrs. DOYLE could induce him to think of quitting the Service or of accepting of so small a Sum as that he is to receive for his Commission, and that he quitts a Service where Your Excellency has the Supreme Command with a most particular Regret.

William BARRY
Capn. V. I

[no date]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 221, item 13.

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