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Suffolk County New York Militia
Tryon to Floyd

Extract of a Letter from his Excellency Governor TRYON, to Colonel Richard FLOYD, of Suffolk County, dated May 19, 1777.

“It is my earnest recommendation that the inhabitants of Suffolk county should follow the approved example of the militia of King’s County, by liberally raising a sum of money for the comfort and encouragement of the provincial troops raised in this province.

"I enclose the form of the instrument, which is adopted for the inhabitants of this city and county to subscribe, copies of which will also be sent to Queen’s and Richmond counties for a similar purpose:

"Any suggestions of fears and apprehensions from the circumstances of situation, must, and assuredly will be construed into a lukewarmness at this crisis, to the King and the old constitution.

"Therefore let the inhabitants of Suffolk County, as well those who have stedfastly and uniformly maintained their loyalty, as those who have step’d aside from their duty, and since accepted the grace of the Crown, now distinguish themselves by free donations, and dare the worst from men, who are endeavouring to overturn, by acts of tyranny and oppression, every principle of their happiness and security.”

The Royal American Gazette, (New York), May 29th, 1777.

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