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Nova Scotia Volunteer Militia Regiment
Proposal for Regiment

[Extract of a letter from Lieutenant Governor Michael FRANCKLIN to Lieutenant General Thomas GAGE, dated Nova Scotia Windsor, 18 August 1775.]

....I have advised Govr. LEGGE to fill up all the vacancys in the Militia with well affected Officers, and to Form a Regiment of five hundred men to be composed of Volunteers and Drafts from the militia of several Countys, the head Quarters to be at this place, and that they should be paid according to our Militia Act, but that as we are not able to bear this Expence, the Governor do apply to your Excellency to defray it from the Kings Military Chest, and this Regiment I have offered my self to Command.

If the Governor and your Excellency should approve of this measure it is to be hoped we shall be able to repel any Effort the Enemy can make on us, as once there a Corps on whom dependance can be placed, the Friends of Government will turn out to join in the defence of the Province,

that otherwise if Governor LEGGE depends on the militia in general, to be called together, only, when the Enemy is landed, I fear he will be trusting a Broken Reed, for the Rebels have already given out they mean not to injure or molest those who are sons of liberty, and that have had no hand in assisting the Kings troops with Supplys, thus many who are friends to Government may think it prudent to avoid shewing themselves as such.

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Thomas Gage Papers, Volume 134.

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