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Loyal American Rangers
Major Campbell's Journal

Journal of Major Alexander CAMPBELL of His Majesty's Corps of Loyal American Rangers.


February the 8th   Arrived this day at Kingston in Jamaica from New York with a detachment of the Corps consisting of [blank] Officers and [blank] Privates, on board the Ships La Theresa & Friendship.

9th   Waited on General GARTH- the men to remain on board until his Excellency the Commander in Chief should be acquainted of their arrival and his pleasure known.

15th   Orders for the Corps not to disembark, but to be in readiness to embark on board other Ships for foreign service- learned our destination Pensacola- Officers and men accordingly in readiness. This Day arrived from New York 2 Officers and 36 privates of the Corps.

March the 10th   This Day a detachment of three Officers and Fifty four privates sailed in his Majesty's Ship Ulysses for Pensacola.

26th   This Day sailed from Port Royal with 226 Officers and Privates of the Corps and 20 Privates and a Corporal of the Royal Artillery- embarked on board the Ship Dutton for Pensacola under Convoy of his Majesty's Ship Resource.

29th   Spoke the Childers Sloop, Captain LINDON, who informed us that Pensacola was taken by the Spaniards- put about and stood back to Jamaica.

April 4th   Met the Childers, Captain LINDON, returned from Sir Peter PARKER with orders for Captain ROWLEY of the Resource, to take the Troops on board and proceed to Pensacola and, if possible, land the Troops for the support of the Garrison.

6th   Took in water off Bluefields.

8th   Saw the Grand Caymanas.

12th   Passed by Cape St. Anthony.

16th   Saw the Land, proved to be Cape Blaze, at 4 P:M: saw a fleet of about 20 Sail, 3 or 4 of which chased us until dark, but dropped a Stern.

17th   Tack'd about for Pensacola.

19th   Made Cape Blaze in the Morning and stood in for Pensacola- in the afternoon fell in with the Unicorn, French Frigate, of 28 Guns and 180 Men, commanded by Monsr. Le Chevalier de St. Tour, which we engaged for an hour and three quarters, when she struck- the Resource now shaped her Course for returning to Jamaica- Ordered 3 Officers and 60 Men of the Corps on board the Prize to assist in working the Ship, and guarding the Prisoners.

May 3rd   Saw Cape Catouche- long detained by light wind and lee Current.

24th   Saw the West End of Jamaica.

25th   Close in with Green Island.

26th   Saw the Island of Cuba, to the Eastward of Cape Cruz.

28th   Saw the N:E: end of Jamaica.

May 31st   Spoke his Majesty's Ship Tobago.

June 2d   Arrived at Port Royal Harbour.

Mr. Loyal American Rangers

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 137, Volume 80, folios 223-224.

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