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Independent Companies (Hierlihy's)
Letter from Babington

Dr. Brother

I take this Oppertunity to Write to you by Mr. Willm. LLOYD (who I hope will Deliver you this) to Acquaint you that I was Oblidged to make my Escap from ye Rebbels in Baltimore Last Sepr.

was twelve Monthes, by ye way of the West india Islands, for refusing to take up Armes and Acct as Adjt. Genl. of their Suth District;

After beating round sevl. of ye Islands I arrived here Last Janry. & recd. a Wart. to reais a Compy. in ye Prince of Wales’s Royal American Vollintiers titeled Independants.

I Expect to go to Philadelphia to Genl. HOWEs Army Next Week,

as Mr. LLOYD Expectes to Deliver this himself I shall refer you to him for ye particulars of my Sufferings since ye Commencement of this Unnatural rebellion, has my particular friend and is going to [torn] an intent to [illegible] me fo[torn] Can be of any service to him [torn] same as done to me, as he was ye [torn] was the means of my making my Escap when ye rebbels Offered 600 Dollars for taking me Dead or Alive,

he is a man of verey Good property in Baltimore County & has been of Great Service to friends of Governmt. and has suffered mutch on Acct. of his Loyalty.

If you and Mr. PERKINS (both of whos stediness in friendship I well know) Can assist him to men it will (not onley be of service to Governmt.) but to him and me also,

he is in Conjunction with me so that, I hope yr. Interest with Lord SUDLY & all yr. Acquentance will not be wanting, if he should Succeed in getting Orders to reais a Battn.

I will Leave you he and Mr. PERKINS to gett me ye Rank you think I ought to have being an Old Officer;

I would go home my self, but being Appointed to a Compy. here my honour will not allow me and am resolved to Concor or fall in this cawse.

I hope my Aged, and Honoured Old mother is still Allive and well to whome my Duty is Due with out Limmites,

Pray remember me to my Dr. Sister and all yr. blessed familey, and all my relations numbers of whome I have wrote to butt I suppose they Did not think me worth their Notice,

however I will still retain the true Spirit of an hibernian and (I hope) with honour, assist to support my Royal [torn] his honor and Dignity

I would consider it as a particular faver- If you or Dick (to whome this Letter is Equal) Altho’ Addressed to [you] would write to me, Direct to ye Care of Majr. Cornelius CYLER first Aid de camp to his Excy. Sr. Wm. HOWE-

I am Dr. Will yr. Affct. Br.
of an Indepd. Compy. Capt. in ye P:W:R:A

New York
16th Novr. 1777

Col. HIERLIHY presents his Compliments to Capt. BABBINTIN’s Brothers & friends-



Capt. BABINTON I was acquainted with each other during the Course of Last War and am rejoyced that he Still retains his Loyalty-

He and I have been prov’d and Tried in last War, and I believe we shall Stand or fall in our Country’s Cause-

Lt. [Col.] Independent Companies

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 40, folios 132-133.

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