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Georgia Loyalists
Deposition of Mark King

The deposition of Mark KING a deserter from Savannah, belonging to Major WRIGHTs corps. he left Savannah 22nd Decr. 1781. 5 Jany. 1782.

A reinforcement has arrived to Savannah from Charles Town of the 7th Regt. consisting of about 150 men; he further says that Major WRIGHTs corps consists of about 35 men fitting for duty, about 40 in the whole.

That the Enemy is making every preparation for a Seige, they were making two redoubts one at the spring hill the other at the Trustees Gardens, the Citadel has twenty four guns, of twenty four and twelve pounders.

Coll: CAMPBELL corps has about 36 men 35 of which does constant duty as dragoons.

Coll: BROWNs corps has about 25 dragoons and about 40 infantry many invalids.

DELANCEs corps about 25 men, infantry.

Coll: FANNINGs corps about 40 men.

About 300 Hessians, commanded by Genl. PROBACK.

The Present commander in Savannah Lt. Coll: CLARK Commandant.

About 200 militia men in Savannah. The commander he does not know.

About 150 Negroes, armed and equipt as infantry, commanded by Coll: BROWN.

The Enemy has eight Platforms round the lines of Savannah with 4 Guns in each, 12 pounders.

Four Row Galleys in the River and but very indifferently manned, they are obliged to man them with men from the different Regiments the men on the return of the Galleys to Savannah repair to their corps.

He is an American born, has been in the British Service about 4 months taken on Ogechee by one Wm. & Henry COOPER below horse Creek.

The Troops in Savannah are in general very dissatisfied.

his reason for enlisting was that he was threatened to be put on board of a Prison ship, and sent to the West Indies.

There was about 5 weeks ago 100 Indians Cherokee & Creeks in Savannah and returned to their nation with a large quantity of Amunition.

Three or four Brigs in the Harbour, there is a guard at Cock Spur consisting of 12 men, two small redoubts on the Island of Cockspur, the guard relieved weekly from Savannah.

There is a post at Ogechee, likewise one at Habercorn consisting of about 25 men.

Pork 8d Pr. lb in Savannah, Salt one dollar pr. bushel.

In reguard of the different corps he is entirely ignorant off.

The Troops in Genl. are dissatisfied.

An Account given, by the Head Warior of the Tallasies

That he hears that McINTOSH, has (or is) Collecting a number of Indians at the standing peach tree, that had about one Hundred & wanted to get about three Hundred from whence he intended to make excurtions, on the back parts of this state,

that McINTOSH had informed the Indians that BROWN was to meet them at Augusta and they ware to Come down and get what goods they wanted.

That he says that he saw some days agoe, where four Indians had Camped, that there appeared to him that they had the scalp of some white man with them by the appearance at the Camp.

Georgia Historical Society, Mark King Papers, Collection No. 462.

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