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Duke of Cumberland's Regiment
White to Pagett

New York 14th April 1783


The pleasure of hearing you was well setd. at Jamaica Aforded me real pleasure, the death of my Friend Col. ODELL and my Letters being destroyed, with the prospect of the times by no means Affords me that Kind of Satisfaction which I long have wish'd for.

Lord Charles MONTAGUE, his Son & Mr. CUNNINGHAM Arrived here from North Carolina ten days ago. You do doubt have ere this been informed of there being obliged in distress to put into Carolina.

I expected a very particular Account from you by CUNNINGHAM- but am rather disappointed he seems not to know much about the Regiment.

He Opened Yours & Col. ODELL's Letters to me took Out my Commission and drowned the Letters- therefore have been as much at a Loss to know any thing concerning the Regiment, Yourself, or my matters as ever. I never have received a Line from You or from the late Col. ODELL since You sailed from this Port.

My Lord Charles informes me he has Official Accounts that we are drafted in his regiment as a 2d Battl. This pleases me be Assured.

I have done my Self the Honor of waiting on his Lordship every day I have been able since his Arrival here tho' that's only three times.

I have been Confined to my Room and bed since last December, a very narrow escape be Assured. I am now very low Only crawl out at twelve O'Clock good weather.

I hope soon to be able to imbark for Jamaica- no man can be more Anxious to be with you then my Self.

I hope you have received the Amount of the Bills of exchange on Agent MURE- as they were for necessarys Supplied the Recruits. Lt. & Adjt. McDONALD has the Amount with each mans Name.

I also hope you have received the Bounty money of these men Amounting to [one] Hundred Guineas- as Pr. the list delivered You- those are demands just and doubt not You have paid every attention to them.

The money for necessarys SIMSON supplied men at Wilmington I should likewise hope & suppose Col. ODELL saw Adjusted previous to his death.

If that Camp Kitchen I sent by the Flag from Charlestown has arrived please to sell or keep it for me as you may suppose best.

If there is any money due me from Col. ODELL not settled with, you will please to secure it- as I am informed his Estate is rather involved, Regimental matters are always paid first- and beg to Urge your goodness in this matter.

I wrote You under cover to Major CAMPBELL- soon after was informed of his death and wrote to the Officer Commanding- referg. Him to my Letter directed to Major CAMPBELL.

I should now Write to the Officer Commdg. but suppose my Self under the Command of my Lord Charles- and as Peace makes him Clere of his parole shall take his Orders.

You will naturally suppose Recruiting business is Over. My Lord waits here 'till the Arrival of Sir Charles GRAY who is daily expected. The uncommon close of this war has destructed every good man.

You can have no adequate Idea of the confusion here.

There are now in this Garrison about 1500 Hundred of the Subject of Congress- come in to take possession and Speculate in Trade- any man Come's in as he pleases- fortunate for me I am not able to be a Spectator on the Bridge- a place they all muster at.

Captn. LEE (of 94th Regt.) a Captn. in our 2d Battl. is here. He was taken into Boston- a very Gentlemanly Man- and Speaks of you with great Regard.

I daily expect to here from You. I am in great want of Cash- best if you have not remitted me money, doe not, as I must be with you soon.

I never have drawn One Shilling, or one draft for pay or expences Yet- nor have I ever received a Ration of any Kind- no merchant here will levy Bills on Jamaica.

Friend [William] CHEW is here quite the Beau, a new Wig &c &c- no man more happy- his regiment on the British establishment- and a fair prospect for a Company, [John] HATTON, [Edward] STILLE & all the Lads wish you Very Happy. These Lads are in the Old Stile & ever will be in that way- all the Provincials will have half pay.

The Queen's Rangers, Garrison Battl., Fannings and Tarletons Corps are on the British Establishment- which by no mean's pleases the NYV and Other Corps very deserving his Majestys Grace.

I would inclose You the papers, but there is nothing in them- the Rebell's are determined not to allow the Loyalists to returne to take possession of there Estates, a circumstance many of us hope will be the Cause of damning them Yet.

I think we may have a little amusement ere long with them. God direct it may be so.

I have not heard from HEPPLE since you left me- nor do we here the Carolina Gents are so happy as they expected- they have there Provost full of our Acquaintances.

Congress will not let Genl. BURGOYNE's Army or Lord CORNWALLICE's come to us 'till we pay there Rations Tho we have sent every Prisoner Out. These Old Tricks they never will be done with.

Comps. to all the Lads of the Regiment and believe me your Friend and

Very Humble Servt.
Gideon WHITE
Capt. 2nd Battl. D. Cs. Regt.

     excuse this being done by
haste- and not time to even
Look Over it-


Public Archives of Nova Scotia, White Collection, MG 1, vol. 948, folio 191.

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