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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Chretia Weeks of Virginia

To The Commissioners Appointed by Act of Parliament,
for Inquiring into the Losses and Services of American

The Memorial of Chretia WEEKS, of Norfolk in the Province of Virginia


That your Memorialist was a Native of Norfolk in the above Province, and that She, Her Husband and son Lived intirely on the produce of Their own Estate Till the Proclamation of Lord Dunmore was Declared, Signifying That the losses of all those who Joins the British Army Should be made good:

So your Memorialist, her Husband and Son, left their Land and House in the Year 1775 and their House was burnt to ashes in their Presence, But Your Memorialist Her Husband and Son, came on Board the Speedwell Sloop and came with the Fleet to New York In 1776 and during which time your Memorialist Suffered the utmost distress, From the above period till This present time, and Her Husband & Son continued in His Majestys Service untill His Death which was in New York in 1783 and left your Memorialist in the greatest distress.

Your memorialist's Husband Ralph WEEKS, late Serjeant in the Black Company of Labourers in Service of the Royal Artillery was in His Majestys Service for Near Nine Years, Your Memorialist Now Widow of the above Deceased, reduced to distress by reason of his death Knowing that She could no longer stay in New York Because of the Americans and being destitute of Friends also, your Memoirialist came to England in His Majesty's Ship Cibal Capt. FIZTGERALD [sic] And since your Memorialist's Arrival in England She hath Experienced the Utmost Distress Immaginable having no person to assist her in her Troubles and not able to procure herself a friend to help her to any Imployment by which She might Subsist.

Chretia  X  WEEKS

Your memorialist therefore prays that her case may Be taken in to Your consideration That your Memorialist may be enabled under your report to receive such aid or relief as her losses and Services may be found to deserve.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 107, folio 271.

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Invasion of Virginia, 1781
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