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Claims and Memorials

                               To the Commissioners appointed by Act of
                               Parliament for enquiring into the Losses &
                               Services of the American Losses.

The Memorial of Joseph Jessup or Sorell in the Province of Quebec, Esquire
That your Memorialist was formerly an Inhabitant of Dutchess and Albany Counties in the Province of New York. That in November 1776 your Memorialist joined the Kings Army upon Lake Champlain, and in June following was appointed a Captain in the Kings Loyal Americans. [Torn] the Expedition under the Command of General Burgoyne and piled his Arms agreable to the Convention made at Saratoga in 1777. That your Memorialist after losing almost all his Men, returned under sd. Convention to Canada, and in the year 1780 when His Excellency General Haldimand gave Orders that the Corps of Kings Loyal Americans should be completed your memorialist raised about thirty men more notwithstanding which your Memorialist has not been [torn]
That your Memorialist has continued in active Service since the Period of his having joined the Kings Army, and has lately, been employed in the Engineers Department in Superintending a Body of Men engaged in cutting Timber to repair the Fortifications and build barracks [torn]
That in consequence of your Memorialists Loyalty zeal and Attachment to the British Government he your memorialist was Proscribed the State of New York and his Property confiscated sold and converted for the use of the said State, which Property amounted in value to about four Thousand one hundred and one Pounds fifteen Shillings Sterling as appears by the account herewith delivered. That your memorialist is deprived of the means of supporting himself [torn] into your Consideration in Order that your memorialist may be enabled under your Report to receive such aid or Relief as from his Losses and Services he may be found to deserve.

for Joseph Jessup

Henry J. Jessup Atty.

No. 36 Suffolk Street

February 27th 1784

[Joseph Jessup was allowed £ 200. on his claim of £ 4,101. 15.]

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 55, folios 317-318.

London March 3rd 1784.

I certify that the Corps of Loyalists, formed by His Excellency General Haldimand, for the Service of Canada, and under the Command of Major Jessup, were chiefly employed in the Engineer’s Department, and were of essential Service in constructing the several Posts erected for the Defence of the Province, and were more particularly useful in providing Timber for the New Works at Quebec: and that the Men of this Corps did their Duty with great chearfulness from the Zeal which Major Jessup and His Brothers Lieut. Colo. Jessup, & Captn. Jessup, always shewed to forward the King’s Service, upon all Occasions.

(signed) Wm. Twiss

Comg. Engineer in Canada

between 1777, and 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 55, folio 334.

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